Dignity Village, Portland Oregon

Here are some links concerning Portland’s mini-house project.

Their web site  http://dignityvillage.org/
You’ll find links here to all aspects, including their incorporation, history, and services.  There is also a large photo gallery for the site.

Wikipedia:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dignity_Village

Some news stories:

MIT Study of mini-houses for the homeless

The MIT dissertation located at http://dusp.mit.edu/sites/dusp.mit.edu/files/attachments/news/mingoya_2015.pdf is one of the most complete resources available.

Catherine Mingoya wrote this for her dissertation in urban planning and examines in depth the mini-houses projects in Madison Wisconsin and Portland Oregon — two very different projects with unique histories and challenges.

While long (89 pages), it offers one of the most complete case studies available online.