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Hey all,

I spoke with Darlene Zeh who is a real estate agent for Miranda Realty and she has just moved to Saratoga Lake from Rotterdam.  She also has her own not for profit, Giving4ward which was responsible for the rehab of the Rotterdam Boys & Girls Club.  The project was a $250,000 rehab and she had all but $17,000 of materials and labor donated.  It was a total makeover and looks fabulous.  She had originally contacted me to see how she could assist with SOS getting a building in between our existing Walworth houses to be used as a drop and low income housing. I thought perhaps her skill set would be useful to this committee and have invited her to our next meeting.


Second Wind Cottages, Ithaca NY

Second Wind Cottages is the mini-house project in the Ithaca region.  The first of their 16’x20′ cottages was occupied in January 2014, with a goal to complete up to 18 such buildings.  It began as a faith-based initiative but does not require religious activity by its residents.  The actual location is in Newfield, a rural location about 5 miles from downtown Ithaca

Their official site:

News stories

YouTube interview with a founder

Dignity Village, Portland Oregon

Here are some links concerning Portland’s mini-house project.

Their web site
You’ll find links here to all aspects, including their incorporation, history, and services.  There is also a large photo gallery for the site.


Some news stories:

MIT Study of mini-houses for the homeless

The MIT dissertation located at is one of the most complete resources available.

Catherine Mingoya wrote this for her dissertation in urban planning and examines in depth the mini-houses projects in Madison Wisconsin and Portland Oregon — two very different projects with unique histories and challenges.

While long (89 pages), it offers one of the most complete case studies available online.