Veteran Resort Chapel, Lee, NH

Veteran Resort Chapel is a collection of mini-houses in southeastern New Hampshire.  The planned 12 buildings are a bit larger than most (8′ by 16′) and include composting toilets.

The project is largely the creation of one individual, has a deep religious character, and limits itself to homeless veterans.

The site indicates they have experienced a number of NIMBY issues despite being located on 12 very wooded acres.

Square One Villages in Eugene Oregon

Square One Villages ( is the successor to Opportunity Village and Emerald Village projects in Eugene Oregon.  As such it focuses on helping other communities establish similar mini-house communities for the homeless.

Opportunity Village opened in 2013 with 30 minihouses each about 60 – 80 square feet.

Emerald Village is under construction and will provide longer term housing as the next step up from Opportunity Village.  The units will be 150 – 200 sq. ft. and include internal plumbing and cooking resources.

Quixote Village, Olympia WA

This is a self-governing community of 30 cottages each 144 sq.feet on 2.2 acres.  The land is leased from the county (40 years at $1 per year) on property adjacent to the county dump.  This program had considerable grant support from both state and federal sources.

Their main web site:

The NYTimes did a long story featuring this village.

Tiny Homes, Nashville TN

Nashville’s tiny homes project grew out of a campground for the homeless organized by a local church.

Here’s a good history of the project

Open Table Nashville appears to serve as an umbrella for homeless services, including the tiny homes.  Their site includes many resources for community planning.

The Atlantic did a story on Nashville’s program.

Community First, Austin TX

Mobile Loaves & Fishes began as a Catholic ministry to provide meals to the homeless.  More recently, they launched Community First to provide a village of mini-houses for the homeless.  Their programs also promote micro-businesses to help them earn income while developing skills.

Their web site is more polished than most in terms of marketing the program and conveying the human story behind these houses.

A CNN story about this project.