Summary of Tiny Houses Projects for the Homeless

Here are the programs that we’ve located

Location Name Comments
Ithaca NY Second Wind Located in a rural area outside of the city
Nashville TN Tiny Homes Began as a religious initiative
Madison WI Occupy Madison Started as a political protest, Site is particularly well documented.
Austin TX Community first Began as a religious initiative, includes micro-businesses
Denver CO Resurrection Village Complex battles with city agencies
Eugene OR Square One Two separate village projects underway
Portland OR Dignity Village On outskirts of city, site is more primitive than most, strong self governance
Olympia WA Quixote Village Located on county land near a former dump, strong self governance, strong community support
Seattle WA Nickelsville Begun as a tent village, it has moved to tiny houses.

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  1. The Eugene project is interesting. I like the fact that it only costs guests $30/month to stay. I’m also a fan of the three strike policy as well.

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