Rural Studio, Atlanta

Auburn University’s architecture program runs the rural Studio program to design the best possible house for less than $20K.  While their structures are larger than the tiny-houses and include both kitchens and bathrooms, they can be a useful resource for efficient space planning.  News stories indicate that they have developed many pioneering innovations.

Their goal is to create a home for low income families that would be seen as highly desirable for anyone.

Their main site:  (

Descriptive news story:
Rebuttal to the extreme gushing of the previous story.


MIT Study of mini-houses for the homeless

The MIT dissertation located at is one of the most complete resources available.

Catherine Mingoya wrote this for her dissertation in urban planning and examines in depth the mini-houses projects in Madison Wisconsin and Portland Oregon — two very different projects with unique histories and challenges.

While long (89 pages), it offers one of the most complete case studies available online.